CODBC v1.0 Release
Pro*C Framework for C++



Pro*C is an embedded SQL programming language used by Oracle Database database management systems. Pro*C uses either C or C++ as its host language. During compilation, the embedded SQL statements are interpreted by a precompiler and replaced by C or C++ function calls to their respective SQL library. The output from the Pro*C precompiler is standard C or C++ code that is then compiled by any one of several C or C++ compilers into an executable.

Pro*C is a decade old technology developed by Oracle as a bridge to communication between C++ and Oracle SQL. Therefore comically, people refer to it as a caveman's language.


Writing a program over Pro*C is not as simple as writing a program in C++. It is not difficult, but it is not even a piece of cake. If you are newbie to coding and want your C++ application to interact with Oracle SQL, you can use CODBC. But before you use CODBC, you have to install Pro*C and configure your Oracle SQL with Pro*C.

C++ Oracle Database Connection (CODBC), is an open source framework for Pro*C. CODBC has pre-defined C++ classes for easy and convenient interaction between Oracle SQL and C++. Pro*C is an embedded SQL programming language, but using CODBC you can easily incorporate Oracle SQL Connection within your C++ code as if it is a part of C++ code. Built-in classes of CODBC smartly utilizes the power of C++ pointers and enable a secure connection, between SQL and C++.